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Hello, I am Sudheesh M Warrier. I was born in Kerala, India on 17th December 1985. I completed till my graduation from different parts of Kerala.

I graduated from Amrita University as the university topper. Computer Science was my main topic in graduation.

Presently I work for Infosys Technologies Ltd, Pune. I joined Infosys on 7th August 2006 in its Mysore Training campus.

About my family, other than my mother and father, I have an elder brother.

Hobbies? Yes, I play badminton; even though I am not proficient at it I enjoy playing it. Reading is one of my passion, thanks to my brother for bulding this in me from when I was a kid.
I love to read anything that makes sense, while reading the autobiographies remains one of my favorite areas.

Yes! Want to contact me? You can email me at sudheeshwarrier@gmail.com

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